Our Process

Giving you a solid understanding of the true value of your property, and confidence in the appraisal you receive, is the most important service we provide. This page will outline the steps we take to ensure that your appraisal is accurate and timely.

Step One: Documentation

  • Photograph all buildings, the neighbourhood, areas of concern and special features
  • Take interior tour of all rooms including basement
  • Measure main buildings, make notes regarding size, layout, finishing materials and overall condition of each room

Step Two: Development Review

  • Discuss ownership history, past improvements, future improvements
  • Discuss non-visible property components – insulating, heating costs, wells, septic systems, etc.
  • Discuss age and condition of major components – roof, windows, furnace, plumbing, electrical, etc.
  • Discuss neighbourhood – viability, recent development, economic outlook.

Step Three: Comprehensive Research

  • Research legal description and ownership of property from registry office records
  • Research sales and listings within immediate neighbourhood in past year
  • Research general neighbourhood for recent sales that could be seen as comparable
  • Analyze sales data and make comparison to the subject property, adjusted for age, wear, etc.
  • Estimate value of land, if vacant; estimate cost to replace house/buildings; estimate depreciation

Step Four: Final Report

  • Report includes purpose of appraisal, details of property, comparable sales chart, cost approach chart, reconcilation values, etc.
  • Report will include some pictures from the inspection
  • You will receive a map of the location of the property and comparable sales.
  • Workfile will contain notes, sketches, etc., and will be held for ten years, as per AIC regulations
  • Prepared report sent to client in PDF form


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